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Double Cream: Collection and Dynamic Ads Synergy

Aitarget and KUPIVIP became the first in the Russian market to launch Facebook advertising using the new format of Collections for Dynamic Ads.

Separately, Collections and Dynamic Ads proved to be most beneficial for e-commerce. It is expected that combined into a single format, these tools will work even more effectively.


“This is a cool, beautiful format, evidently promising,” says Kirill Ukhov, Head of the Department of Banner Advertising at KUPIVIP.


Nonetheless, not everything is so straightforward. “Since we’ve just launched the format, it’s too early to say for conversions,” says Kirill. “It’s also not quite clear how to perform with it, considering it’s limited to mobiles.”

Let’s investigate what this promising new advertising format offers.


Dynamic Ads allow you to achieve greater personalisation of an ad for a user. It automatically generates a personal ad for everyone, depending on what exactly a particular user was interested in on your website. This format is available for retailtravelreal estate, and auto. Dynamic Ads have a wide range of advantages, and the CTR of a dynamic ad is on average two times higher than of the general one.

The Collection format is ideal for promotion of goods. It combines creatives, comparing cover photos or videos with the photos of goods underneath. Facebook has gradually been making this mobile option available since March 2017.

Aitarget’s personal account of successful Collection applications among customers includes the November case when adidas increased conversion by 42% and the involvement of users in the publication by 120%.


“Сollection is a very stylish and neat format, it is perfect for e-commerce advertisers,” says Evgenia Bychkova, Deputy Head of Performance Department at Aitarget.


In general, such a full-screen immersive ad targeted to a certain user is currently available only for the mobile Facebook newsfeed.


About the company and campaign

KUPIVIP has been actively using Facebook as an advertising platform since 2015. At the moment, 60% of the company’s mobile advertising is on Instagram and 40% on mobile Facebook.

The company decided to test the new Collections for Dynamic Ads format for Furla handbags. Aitarget helped to create a dynamic retargeting campaign for a broad audience with the only possible placement in Facebook’s mobile newsfeed.



The first results showed that the CTR of the new campaign is 26% higher than a campaign using dynamic ads alone, and cost per website purchase is 79% less.

KUPIVIP and Aitarget are looking forward to the future, and enjoying the synergy together.


“KUPIVIP is always among the first to adopt new Facebook and Instagram features, which makes our work with this client interesting and inspiring,” says Evgenia Bychkova.

Kirill Ukhov notes: “Working with Aitarget is a pleasure – timely accounting, latest news about new products, various technical solutions.”


Patrick Luk
February 14, 2018

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