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Personalisation You Can Bank On

How Tinkoff Bank and Aitarget collaborated on personalised ads to lower costs while reaching out to a younger target audience.

With a pool of almost 2.3 billion active Facebook users and a billion Instagrammers spread across the globe, how do brands around the world connect and grab themselves a bigger piece of the pie? Well, it’s as simple as showing users something that meets their needs and speaking to potential customers in their own language. Which isn’t always that simple.In a short-attention-span world, explaining the details and benefits of online banking for managing personal finances is far from an easy task. Especially as the potential audience is so varied, and won’t want to be treated as one and the same. Generic ads just won’t do.

Together with Tinkoff Bank, we found a solution and launched automatically generated personalised messages for social media users in a series of short, funny videos.



We took an array of different lifestyles of potential banking customers – from gamers to cat lovers to yoga addicts – as a basis of personalisation and then transmitted a message about the advantages of using Tinkoff Bank’s cards in a playful video for each category.


“Tinkoff has always been distinguished by the highest level of service and attention to each specific clients,” says a spokesperson for Tinkoff Bank. “We applied this approach in our advertising campaign using personalised messages and thematic videos for more than 10 groups of customers. We are developing lifestyle banking and aim not only to serve our clients, but also to become their assistant and adviser in the financial world. Thus, we abandoned boring moralising with the humorous sketches and dynamic visualisation techniques. As for the placements, we chose Facebook and Instagram, as these channels traditionally provide a high response.”


Using Aitarget’s Video Tool, we collected over 50 personalised ad announcements for a variety of different audiences and placements in a short time.

Here we take a closer look at the details and results of the campaign.


Case Study: Personalised jokes at Tinkoff-scale

Tinkoff Bank serves more than eight million customers. It’s goal was to boost its brand awareness among young people to increase the number of Tinkoff Black debit card holders. The targeted action for the personalised ad campaign they ran with Aitarget was conversions into applications for their debit card.


Meetings by interest

Tinkoff Bank chose to build its debit card campaign around the diversity of interests of a young audience. Potential customers were divided into 13 lifestyle groups by their hobbies. There were gamers, TV news fans, musicians and music lovers, fans of anime comics and TV shows, healthy eaters, supporters of an active lifestyle, sports lovers, and yoga addicts.

For each of the different lifestyle groups, Tinkoff’s product was presented as something that would assist with the things that they already enjoyed doing. Each personalised video demonstrated the way that a Tinkoff Black debit card would fit into their particular lifestyle.

The videos had a simple, catchy message: “I am the same as you. I know you will like Tinkoff Black cards because they meet our needs”. To transmit the message, we used an overlay – a short chat with the bank with an individual message for different audiences: “Hi, I love music (or news, or anime, or yoga, etc.) too, and a cashback”, followed by a short summary of the card benefits to show how Tinkoff Bank would meet their needs.



Express formatting

All Tinkoff videos were created in a horizontal format. However in order to attract some of the young audiences that Tinkoff wanted to target, we also needed to include placements on Instagram, where horizontal videos are inapplicable.Overall, we selected the four most popular placements: News Feed and Stories on Instagram, and Mobile and Desktop News Feed on Facebook. For each video, we needed three different formats with corresponding resolutions: vertical ads for Stories, square for Instagram News Feed, and horizontal for Facebook.

Using Aitarget’s Video Tool, we could multiply and reformat the original video without having to reshoot or record new videos. Our tool automatically created about 50 ad announcements from the initial videos. All the videos were customised for both content and placement.

When it came to full-screen vertical videos in Stories, rather than losing the best part of the image when translating from the original horizontal videos, our Video Tool shifted the overlay to the bottom, creating an additional field under a square video.



Greater impact, at up to nine times less the cost

Generating this huge array of personalised and tailored videos in a variety of formats and downloading all the multiple videos to the ad account took no more than a couple of hours.

The humorous personalised ads clearly demonstrated the benefits of the Tinkoff Black card for each tribe of users with different interested, and increased engagement and conversions. Within a month, the CPM of Tinkoff Black dropped 19%. The cost of a three-second video view decreased by seven times, and a ten-second view by nine times.


“The campaign has successfully worked for the brand metrics improvement,” says the Tinkoff Bank spokesperson. “We note the growth comparing with average figures for the ad account.”


Aitarget sees increasing advertiser demand for ad personalisation, says Anastasia Tabunova, Brands Development Manager at Aitarget.


“We offer them solutions for both performance tasks and reach campaigns. The case of Tinkoff Bank shows that personalisation can be an effective tool for promoting banking products and services.”


Olga Loginova
March 5, 2019

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