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How car leasing company Europlan used a Facebook ad toolkit to decrease costs and dramatically increase conversions from companies

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Facebook is developing special advertising opportunities for automotive companies.

For example, advertisers can use Lead Ads settings to show the locations of service centres and car dealerships, make an appointment, offer convenient one-click contact, thank customers, and much more. This range of options allows auto dealers to tailor their ads to their specific industry requirements and make them more effective.

Dynamic ads are another option in an automotive company’s toolkit, allowing them to show an entire line of cars to the most interested users depending on their interests.

In January 2019, Facebook began offering newly enhanced automotive inventory ads: now you can reach more prospective car shoppers based on their visits to other auto and dealer-related websites, apps, and Pages.

This Facebook toolkit suits both car dealers and more narrowly focused auto services.

Europlan is one of the top car leasing companies in Europe. It leases special vehicles and cars of different categories to a variety of legal entities, e.g. companies. Aitarget helped Europlan utilise Facebook and Instagram ads to increase its applications and requests by more than 500% in five months, while lowering costs.

Case Study: Driving success in the Facebook race

Europlan used Aitarget and the MGcom and E-Promo agencies as its co-drivers to launch a promotion campaign on Facebook and Instagram for its transport leasing services. The campaign was optimised for conversions and Lead Ads, as Europlan’s goal was to increase applications from businesses that met certain criteria (income, business registration period, requested transport, etc.), with further conversions into approved requests to lease vehicles.

Which vehicle?

Together Europlan, Aitarget and the agencies used a mix of interactive ad formats on Facebook and Instagram to help attract the desired audience: Instagram Stories, Instant Experience, Slideshow, Carousel, Lead Ads. It was the first time Europlan had used the first three formats in online promotion. The traditional Single Image format was also used.

“When working with traffic from social networks, the main difficulty for us was to find conversion leads for car leasing and apply an approach that would have a response from the target audience,” says a representative of Europlan. “Europlan works in 74 regions in Russia, and each of them has its own specificity of online promotion. Therefore, during the second half of 2018, we carried out tests on targeting, formats, and creatives. As a result, as conversion rates showed, we expanded the regions coverage and also received a large amount of data to improve our campaigns.”

A variety of different creatives were considered, with two sets of creatives for A/B testing: car images created by a designer, and pictures taken of the vehicles in real-life settings. Europlan also tested different photos from different seasons (summer and winter), and neutral ad texts compared to more emotional messages with emojis.

Who’s coming along for the ride?

For this campaign, Europlan included in campaign locations seven times more regions than their common advertising practice. They also focused on particular types of customers: targeting was set by interests related to business, individual entrepreneurship, and premium categories.

In order to reach the most engaged users who may be prone to use Europlan’s services, the campaign targeted Lookalike Audiences* based on Europlan’s contact list.

As well as expanding the reach for new users who hadn’t interacted with Europlan before, the campaign also addressed those who’d begun looking into the service by retargeting website visitors. However, in order to ensure a positive user experience (and according to the rules of effective ad account settings), those who already requested were excluded.

What about the finish line?

Our campaign launched in August 2018. Over the next five months, the cost per application decreased by 71%, and the cost per confirmed request dropped by 60%. Applications from legal entities increased by more than seven times comparing to the planned marks for August, and the number of confirmed requests rose by five times.

At the same time, the budget for all five months increased by 137%.

“The joint efforts of the Europlan team, Aitarget, MGcom and E-Promo led to an increase in requests by 720% and a comparable drive in sales in the second half of 2018,” says the representative for Europlan. “We predict a positive trend in the cost-quantitative indicators of the campaigns with further scaling of the channel. And with the increase in traffic from the channel will be more data to optimise it. So we do not stop on this, we go further!"

*Lookalike audience is an option to drive users most likely to be interested in your product or service, because their characteristics and behaviour are similar to existing customers. You can create Lookalike audiences in the Custom Audiences section of Facebook Ads Manager.

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