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Creative download interfaces for different advertising objectives

When you start to download your creative, interfaces look different for advertising objectives.


Mobile App Installs, Mobile App Re-engagement



The additional options for Ad Campaign creation with Mobile App promotion objective are: Deep link, and Call to action (Install Mobile App, Open Mobile App, etc)

For any Mobile Apps redirecting users to another website there is an optional field: Link Caption.


Website Clicks



The mandatory parameter for any Website Clicks campaign is Website URL. You are also able to automatically paste macros. Macros are used to automate replacing some parts of a text with variable blocks in Facebook and Instagram campaigns. As an example, we could replace part of a URL or Deep Links to send different parameters there (for example UTM tags, params to CRM etc).


Website Conversions



For a Website Conversions campaign you have the option to choose a conversion from the pixels list.


Facebook Page Likes



When creating a Page Promotion or Page Likes campaign you are able to select a link (Link URL) which will redirect user to a particular page section: About, Timeline, All Activity, Photos, Videos, Likes.


Page Post Engagement



To promote a post you need to choose the page (Page) and the post (Post) that you would like to promote.

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