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Step 3: Targeting settings

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In this step, you are able to apply all targeting options. The audience field on the image above displays:

Demographic criteria: Age (minimum and maximum of your audience age) and Gender (men or women),

Locations – country, region, city, or hyperlocal settings by GPS.

Exclude locations – option to exclude chosen locations from your targeting.

Detailed targeting:

  • Interests – may include things people share on their Timelines, apps they use, Pages they like, and other activities on and off of Facebook.
  • Behaviors – target people based on their activities on and off Facebook like device usage, digital activities, and more.

Targeting Expansion – option to expand interests.

Placements – all possible ad placements throughout Facebook including Audience Network, Instagram, and Messenger.

Custom Audiences – audiences from your own customer data.

Exclude Custom Audiences – option to exclude chosen people from your targeting.

Platform – iOS or Android; if necessary, restricted to

  • Min Operating Systems – your ads will be displayed only to users with this particular version of the operating system or higher.

Device – list of devices by manufacturer or type (iPhone 2+, iPad 1+, Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, etc.).

Wireless Connection


Include people who are connected to – target users of a particular page, app, place, or event.

Exclude people who are connected to – option to exclude users of a particular page, app, place, or event.

Include people whose friends are connected to – target people whose friends are users of a particular page, app, place, or event.

Click on “Add audience” to create a new ad set.

The automatic creation of multiple adsets or splitting adsets is also available with Split Budget and Split By settings. Find out more.


Go back to the previous steps:

Step 1: Choosing your advertising objective

Step 2: Choosing your budget and schedule

Or move on to the next step:

Step 4: Ads creation


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