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Step 4: Ads creation

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In Step 4 you are able to create your ads. The interface you see depends on the chosen advertising objective.

Choosing a Facebook Page or Instagram profile

You need to choose a page from the list of available Facebook pages, or if necessary an Instagram account. If you don’t have a Facebook page, you can create one. If you don’t have a connected Instagram account, please click here to read how to attach one to your account.

Preparing your ads materials

You should prepare all the materials for your advertising campaign in advance. Please note the technical demands for images, texts and links.

Interfaces for each advertising objective

  • Mobile App Installs



 The additional options for Ad Campaign creation with Mobile App promotion objective are: Deep link, Call to action (Install Mobile App, Open Mobile App, etc). For any Mobile Apps redirecting users to another website there is an optional field: Link Caption. 

  • Website Clicks




The mandatory parameter for any Website Clicks campaign is Website URL. You are also able to automatically paste macros. Macros are used to automate replacing some parts of a text with variable blocks in Facebook and Instagram campaigns. As an example, we could replace part of a URL or Deep Links to send different parameters there (for example UTM tags, parameters to CRM etc).

  • Website Conversions




For a Website Conversions campaign you need to choose a pixel event as conversion.

  • Facebook Page Likes



When creating a Page Promotion or Page Likes campaign you are able to select a link (Link URL) which will redirect user to a particular page section: About, Timeline, All Activity, Photos, Videos, Likes.

  • Page Post Engagement



To promote a post you need to choose the page (Page) and the post (Post) that you would like to promote. 

  • Video Views




The mandatory parameter for a Video Views campaign is only Website URL.

  • Ad “Sandbox”




The “sandbox” for creating your ads is where you can build your ads by using the easy drag and drop interface to add your chosen objects. The process of ad creations contains several simple steps:

  • Upload your pictures in the left column by using the “Drop Files Here” field or by clicking the “Select Files” button;
  • If you have already some pictures uploaded, you can choose them from the Library;
  • You can copy headlines or texts from Excel, Google Docs, or any text file and paste them into the “Headline” and “Texts” fields. Separate phrases will be automatically determined as separate objects and automatically added in the lower “sandbox” respectively;
  • The ad “sandbox” field is located below the picture columns;



The ad you are editing is highlighted with grey color. You can add image, text, or a headline by using Drag & Drop or clicking.

If it is necessary, you can cut your image according to the required proportions by clicking the edit button, which looks like this: 

The built-in URL is behind the  button and the preview option is available by clicking on the “eye” button in the upper righthand corner.

  • To create a new ad click the “Plus” button and to add a new ads row click “Add New Row”


Carousels and Video Ads creation

Carousel Ads

Ads containing several images (up to 19) can be easily created on the Step 4 in the “Carousel” tab.




Video Ads

Ads for Brand Awareness can contain a video with a headline, text, and optionally can contain a website or mobile app install URL call to action. You can select this format in the “Video” tab.




Video upload is similar to Image upload, except you need to choose a headpiece shot.

In the lower section you are able to preview your ads


Final step

The final step of creating your ads is the settings check (especially the Budget). If all is correct, then:

  1. There will not be any errors like in the image below:



If such errors appear, click the red button and get the hint telling you how to rectify the issue.

2. If everything is right, every step will be marked with the green arrow.

3. The green “Create N New Ad(s)” button will appear, where N is the number of Ads that will be created for each audience.



4. Wait for this window to pop up:




Congratulations! You have successfully created all your Ads. You can click the “Create Similar Ads” button to go back to the previous settings and use them to create a new Ad Campaign or you can click the “Continue” button to see the statistics dashboard for your Ad Campaigns.


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