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Technical Requirements for DC Campaigns

  • Ad Formats:
    • Three ad_formats are supported:
      - CAROUSEL IMAGE; and
      Only one ad format is allowed in one asset feed. Ad format counts as one asset in an asset feed.
  • Number of Assets in Asset Feed:
    • Asset feed: Must be a maximum of 30 total assets, such as 10 images + 5 bodies + 5 titles + 5 descriptions + 1 ad format + 1 link url + 1 call to action = 28 assets
    • Total number of images: < 10
      • Recommended image specs: 1.9:1
      • If Instagram placement is included, consider using square images for better performance
      • Recommended image size: 1,200 x 628 pixels
    • Total number of videos: < 10
      • If Instagram placement is included, only square videos or landscape videos are allowed
    • Total number of bodies limited to 5.
    • Total number of call-to-actions limited to 5.
    • Total number of titles limited to 5.
    • Total number of links limited to 1.
    • Total number of descriptions limited to 5. If you do not specify any description, we will scrape the link you provided to retrieve the description as we now do for link ads
    • Title/Description text max length 255.
    • Body text max length 1024.
    • For ‘CAROUSEL IMAGE' format, at least 2 images are required in the Asset Feed, while titles are optional.
  • Asset Feed: Read only; you can re-use asset feed ID, but not edit it. To change or re-use an asset feed, create a new one.
  • url_tags (Optional): Only available for IMAGES, VIDEOS, BODIES, DESCRIPTIONS, and TITLES fields. Facebook appends url_tags to the link URL as parameters for each asset in an ad.

Example of a valid asset feed combination setup for SINGLE_IMAGE format:

  • 5 images
  • 3 bodies
  • 3 titles
  • 3 descriptions
  • 1 format: SINGLE_IMAGE

Example of a valid asset feed combination setup for SINGLE_VIDEO format:

  • 5 videos
  • 3 bodies
  • 3 titles
  • 3 descriptions
  • 1 format: SINGLE_VIDEO


Patrick Luk
June 24, 2017

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