Aitarget tool opens up images and videos of all sizes for advertising in Instagram Stories

Aitarget enables advertisers to use all Instagram feed aspect ratios for their ads in Stories. Both images and videos in Stories may now follow regular Instagram guidelines (with a minimum ratio of 4:5 and maximum of 1.91:1), but will not prevent targeted users viewing them full screen.

After a creative is uploaded through Aitarget’s placement optimisation, Aitarget’s tool will automatically generate full-screen support for running the creative in Stories by filling in the empty space above and below the image or video.



With Aitarget’s tool, colours and shades of the superstructured background will correspond to the main colour spectrum of the image border in the most native way to make the whole view natural. Upper and lower backgrounds may differ for the same creative.



Ads in Instagram Stories enable businesses to share images and videos that immerse users in the content immediately with full screen. It offers massive potential to businesses: a brand can connect with the more than 500 million daily Instagrammers, where one in five Stories will get a direct message from its viewers.

The new ad placement was opened to advertisers in April 2017. After almost a year, it has gained huge popularity with proven success. Facebook says that by August 2017 over 50% of business accounts tried the placement at least once. According to Instagram’s internal data from Facebook Вlueprint, one third of the most viewed stories in Instagram are from businesses.

However, the shortage of specially formatted creative often puts advertisers off, because they believe images and videos must hold on to a single possible full-screen vertical format.

Thanks to Aitarget’s new option, advertisers are no longer restricted to 9:16 creative, and can drive results and maintain a confident presence in Stories, a place where user time spent is rapidly accelerating.