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How to Take the Lead Successfully

What Avito and Aitarget learned from setting up lead generation in Facebook.

Since Facebook launched Lead Ads, giving users a quick and privacy-safe way to sign up to receive information from businesses, brands and consumers have been able to understand each other better. Advertisers can gently collect user information and build up a contact list for future use, while users subscribe, sign up to events, or get product demonstrations.

The key benefit of Lead Ads is that they are optimised for any placement and device. Lead Ads are user-oriented for the audience, 95% of which use Facebook’s mobile app. A Lead Form opens up in the app and automatically uploads user data from their Facebook profile.

To run ads with Lead Forms, select Lead Generation as the Objective in Ads Manager at the first step of creating a campaign. The following steps are the same as for campaigns with any other objective, except for the one difference that you will have to specify the information to fill in a Lead Form when making a creative. Lead Generation is available for Single Image, Single Video, Slideshow, Carousel, and Instant Experience.



So you’re thinking “cool, so as soon as I launch a Lead Ads campaign, people will start knocking on my door, right?” Hang on, not so fast! It’s important to invite your audience only through strategically significant platforms and to focus on your market specifics.

Aitarget teamed with Avito classified service, to test devices, targeting, placements, and Lead Ads formats to uncover what to bet on when launching campaigns.


Take me to your Leader: a case study with Avito

Avito provides several options for businesses, including its Subscriptions service for creating brand pages with information about goods and services or vacancies, and for automatic posting of classifieds.

Avito Work service launched a Lead Ads campaign for a broad audience to attract leads to Subscriptions.

In one month Avito achieved 11% of conversions into leads in Russia, with 57% of targeted leads.



Client Solutions Manager at Aitarget, says:


“For e-commerce or in Facebook Marketplace, Lead Ads becomes a cross-channel tool due to the high level of customisation. It also enables the use of collected data in other marketing channels. Avito’s case has shown that correct ad setup together with the format possibilities allow you to handle your business tasks like a star.”


This star has five points, which you should look to implement in your own Lead Ads.


Use Instagram

While you may think Avito Work’s audience wouldn’t be as receptive to Instagram ads, that wasn’t the case! Initially the lead campaign was tailored to desktop, but as soon as we added Instagram to placements, CPL decreased by 80% and the number of leads increased seven times.

Search Engine Marketing Specialist at Avito, says:


“Involving Instagram significantly increased our audience reach and brought us 20 extra leads a day during the first week. As a result of the campaign, Instagram became the most effective among all placements, providing us with 85% of applications from potential customers.”


Be mobile

Оur campaign with Avito showed that Lead Ads for desktop work better than a landing page for generating leads, but the highest number of conversions with low CPL were driven by mobile devices.

People holding a smartphone in their hands are not just those who left their laptops at home or work. It’s an entire audience segment. Even Facebook says that the future is mobile, so we can’t miss it.


Target Lookalike Audiences

Among all targeting options on Facebook, engaging clients according to similarities to those who’d already used Subscriptions (Lookalikes) was the most effective.

Lookalike Audience is like a good friend of your targeted client: similar to him in many ways, including the things that may persuade them to make a purchase. It is proven that using Lookalikes you can successfully connect with those who don’t know yet about you.

Lookalike Audiences use likeness to your existing customers, therefore you need a source of similarity to create a Lookalike Audience. To set up the source audience, go to the Audiences section in Ads Manager and select Custom Audience. The Custom Audience may be assembled from Facebook Pixel data, SDK, CRM, or likes on your business page. When the Custom Audience is ready, select the Lookalike in the same Audiences section and continue setting it up with this instruction from Facebook.



Target with greater precision

When you knock on someone’s door, you must explain to the person who answers what you came for. Lead Ads work the same: the more information you have, the more chances you’ll get with particular clients rather than random passersby.

Standard Lead Ads request a user’s name and email. While working with the first bunch of leads, Avito realised that not all contacts from such forms can be sent over to the client service: some users were interested in advertising in other verticals, some just wanted to ask a question.

For more targeted lead segmentation we added a field called Interests. This decreased the number of leads, but improved their quality. Data processing became more convenient.



Finish what you’ve started

Additional questions split your audience into segments, but it’s just part of the process. After you collect contacts, hand them over to the right people.

Give your attention to everyone who shared their contacts with you through a Lead Ads form, even if some leads don’t match your parameters. Pass them over to a competent person, and thank every single one.


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