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Five Times the Installs at 30% less CPI with Dynamic Creative

How Facebook’s black box widens reach while slashing costs

What is Dynamic Creative?

Dynamic Creative is a new Facebook beta ad format that matches personalised ads to users based on real-time data. Instantly, Dynamic Creative has become one of the strongest options in the Facebook ad auction.


Can I use Dynamic Creative on Facebook?

As Facebook beta, this unique format is not available through either Facebook Business/Ads Managers or the majority of Facebook Marketing Partners. Fortunately, it is available on the Aitarget Facebook Marketing Partner Platform. Below we share a case study from a client using real numbers.


How does Dynamic Creative work?

Dynamic Creative automatically creates and optimizes display ads, using pictures, carousels, or videos with text and headlines. The system promotes ads to each user using maximum personalization based on real-time data about the user.


What are the advantages?

The format is new and at the moment skims the cream off an auction. The algorithm relies on aggregate performance indicators for purchasing on the CPI & CPA model in Facebook. This cut downs the cost per action by showing the most relevant display ad, optimized to the user.


Great, so that’s the theory. How well does it work?

Case Study

A global advertiser promoting a mobile application with a CPI model.

Dynamic Creative campaign objectives

• Scale up the number of installs

• Reduce CPI while maintaining traffic quality


• Geo: Germany

• Age group: 18-65+

• Sex: Female

• Platform: Android

The company selected the Dynamic Creative campaign to optimize the installs using static images.


What were the results?

The graph shows the results for three weeks (July 4 to July 24, 2017). A comparison of CPI and the number of installs is given.

Without Dynamic Creative: the campaign brought 521 installs at $1.81 CPI, for a total spend of $1,259.56.



With Dynamic Creative: an advertising campaign with dynamic creative brought 2,790 installs at $1.09 CPI, for a total spend of $3,044.83.



Sounds good, but in a nutshell?

The use of Dynamic Creative reduced the client’s CPI by more than 30% while delivering 5.3 times more installs compared to the usual advertising campaign.

We definitely do not recommend you miss out!


Ok, I’m hooked! But it seems I must have loads of videos to run…

No worries, Aitarget can help you out here as well.

Aitarget is the winner of Facebook Innovation Spotlight, find the company on the list. The video tool automatically creates thousands of videos based on your images, texts, targeting and product feed. Feel free to try it out.

The format is available in beta via the Aitarget platform – so why not start a campaign right now!


Patrick Luk
August 17, 2017

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