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L’Oréal Paris Innovates with Instagram

Iconic beauty brand L’Oreal teamed up with Aitarget to harness a fresh ad format for its cutting-edge hair makeup Colorista

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L’Oréal, the global leader in the perfume and cosmetics market, has again lead the way by being one of the first in Europe to test a new advertising feature offered on Instagram: Carousel ads for Instagram Stories. The iconic company teamed with Aitarget, Zenith, and Performics for a launch in Russia.

Marina Sukhova, L’Oreal Paris’ Digital Director of the Mass Market Demand Product Department, says:

“Being the number one cosmetic brand in the world, L'Oréal Paris understands its responsibility and always strives to be the locomotive of the media market in the beauty industry. We are proactive and ready to impress our consumer. We take any exclusive launch of a new format as an opportunity to face the challenge of contemporary realities, which will allow us to be even closer to our consumers. Certainly, for us it is especially important and even more valuable in case of such innovative products as Colorista.”

Carousel in Stories was announced by Instagram in early February. The format allows you to show three creatives in one ad within Stories, which triples an advertiser's ability to talk about their product. The Story can contain information about several products, or several variations on one product. L’Oréal chose the latter, and announced three bestselling shades of its Colorista hair makeup line.

With the help of Aitarget, L’Oreal created a campaign for Russian girls under 30 who had relevant interests, for example: fashion, beauty, style, etc.

Aitarget’s Lead Customer Development Manager, Anastasia Tabunova, says:

“It's always nice to work with customers who are open to experimenting and testing new formats. We are very pleased it was with L'Oréal Paris that we were able to test this format. Thanks to the unusual creatives of Colorista, we were able to make a winsome and memorable campaign.”

The Carousel format is very popular in e-commerce, as it gives a targeted user an opportunity to choose the appropriate product. According to Facebook statistics, Carousels reduce CPA (cost-per-acquisition) by 30-50%, and CPC (cost-per-click) by 20-30%.

Stories in Instagram are rapidly gaining popularity and constantly expanding their advertising arsenal. As of November 2017, they have over 300 million daily viewers. This makes such an advertisement placement very attractive. Facebook, in response to the needs of advertisers, has gradually opened up new opportunities on the platform: at the moment you can mix photos and video creatives, add stickers, drawings, and other native Instagram elements. It is all available for each of the three elements in the new Carousels for Stories. Moreover, each element can have its own unique link from the CTA.

Users can interact with such ads the same way as with a usual series in Stories: scroll back and forth, skip and pause, or return to active Stories.

Here is what the entire Colorista ad unit from L'Oréal looks like:

By the end of the first week the CPC (cost per link click) decreased by 40% in comparison to other Facebook and Instagram campaigns of Colorista with the same targeting.

Aitarget, the official partner of Facebook and Instagram, keeps a keen eye on the latest marketing opportunities and we invite you to launch innovative campaigns with us.

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