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Snap it till you make it!

A dozen of rules for a winning Snapchat advertising strategy

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The greatest advantage of Snapchat for business is its unique audience of millennials. It’s fresh, it’s trendy, it’s native. By the nature of Snapchat ads, there are no random clicks and swipes to interact with the creative. User’s intention to communicate with your business through the ad is always deliberate. It makes Snapchat ads more profitable, providing you a much higher conversion rate.

Sounds too good to be true? Imagine promoting your business to Snapchat’s 300 million+ monthly users. Yet many advertisers are unaware of the best ways to leverage this funky messaging service. Aitarget became a Snapchat marketing partner last year, soon after the app opened its advertising platform for small businesses. Snapchat and Aitarget have been collecting and analysing various practises and experiments from our clients and present our findings over to you to encourage you to thrive through Snapchat.

Play around the creatives

Tailor your Snapchat content 📏

Re-formatted/cropped videos from Instagram do not work as well as tailor-made content. The maximum length of a Snapchat ad is 10 seconds, but we recommend that your message should be no longer than three to five seconds, so make a good first impression, otherwise the audience will not be interested.

Keep your objective in mind 🎯

Your message must serve the objective you’re trying to achieve with your advertising campaign. What is the overall purpose of the campaign and what are you trying to achieve? Be direct in showing what it is all about. Remember that a CTA is just a way to get the audience to complete the goal you’re aiming for. Use a simple visual way to bring it to life.

Feature a singular message 💬

After sorting out your objective and CTA, you will now need to communicate that in a simple, singular message. Keep it short and sweet! Five seconds is too little to cover all the advantages of your product. Choose the main benefit, and stick to it.

Call users to action 🎬

The whole idea of running any ad campaign is to achieve a certain goal, and you must provide clear straightforward direction on what you want your audience to do next. Whether it is downloading an app, promoting a product, or visiting a website. A Sumpto study showed 67% of university students want to receive more brand discounts and promotions on Snapchat. Encourage the audience to visit your website or social media profiles, and reward those that engage with a special filter or competitive prices.

Use purposeful sound design 🎵

Many people oversee the power of sound, especially in social media ads. According to Snapchat, more than two thirds of Snapchat videos are viewed with the sound on. Pay attention to this small detail and produce a purposeful sound design along with creative visuals. Remember, your ad might look great, but it must also sound great!

Snapchat content has to be exquisite and appealing 😍

The audience will not engage with simplistic designs. Millenials love VR and Snapchat is quite good at it. The more impressive your content is, the better your chances of obtaining positive results. The creation of a “cool-looking” vibe includes the use of various engaging effects, like Glitch (read more about the Glitch effect in this blog post).

Play with the audience

Snapchat users aren’t afraid of ads 👻

On the contrary, they dispose dishonesty - with all due respect to vast VR options for advertisers, natural ads from influencers work no less effective, just don't try to pretend it's not an ad.

Don’t disregard mature audience 🧓

It comes as no surprise that a typical user on Snapchat is relatively young: 71% are under 34 years old, and 23% have yet to graduate from high school. However, that still leaves 29% of Snapchatters who are 35 years old and above - a lot of people considering the large numbers who use Snapchat daily around the world.

Snapchat’s core audience is hyper-engaged 🤳

On average, each user sends 16 snaps per day, and in total 1 million snaps are created daily (both photos & videos). Snapchatters have the courage to share their daily life because of the embedded ephemerality feature. They can be more informal and it prevents the accumulation of meaningless and potentially embarrassing content.

Snapchatters like exclusive content, and to be surprised 💎

Show them something only they can use and then boast about to their friends, like geofilters that can be opened in a specific location, 24h lenses that will vanish afterwards, etc.

Geofilter, it’s worth it! 🌎

Geofilter, a special overlay for Snapchatters that reflects the geographic location where they are, is typically seen by 40% to 60% of daily Snapchatters nationally. It’s a unique Snapchat trait. Try a custom Geofilter for an event, promotion, or location of your business.

Use “moments” ⏱️

Try to engage a specific audience segment at a set time (eg at around 7.45am show your creative to young moms with a branded cereal lens, because at that time they will most likely be making a breakfast).

If you need any help, we are always here for you. Just click the button, request our demo, and aim high with Snapchat ads!

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