Create video ads from product images without creative costs and automatically run them on YouTube

Aitarget Video Tool for YouTube

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A tool for templated video ads creation and launching them automatically on YouTube

Create videos ads with no video production. All you need is any product feed with product images that meets Google’s requirements. If you do not have one, our managers will help you to create it.

Choose a video template from the Aitarget’s collection or make up your own with our designers.

Decide which products you want to show in your ads. The tool can select them randomly, by IDs on your website, by bestsellers or another feed-based feature.

Your ad will be generated and run on YouTube automatically. The template elements are editable: create various videos in a few clicks.

«The tool allows quick testing of assumptions about users’ behaviour or to construct the video with a product set to run collaborative promo events with partners.

This extensively simplifies incremental tests and enables fast scaling of successful solutions.

Our video tests showed great results both in terms of engagement and business metrics.»

Yana Volokonskaya , leading video ads specialist at Lamoda Group

«It was interesting to experiment with a new tool which personalised our interactions with clients.

We tried several options and strategies, and the tool performed best for categories retargeting with custom audiences.

Conversion rate in this case was significantly higher compared to other campaigns. We were even surprised in the first days after launch.»

Elena Toropina , digital-marketer at Petrovich Company
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