Create, test, and improve social media advertising with tools and services for Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat


An e-commerce and retail tool that allows you to quickly and easily create many short promotional videos using products from your product catalogue straight in your Facebook ad account

Upload product images to Aitarget E-Commerce Tool and select your current advertising account and ad set.

Choose a template from the tool’s collection of designer videos recommended by Facebook and proven by successful ad campaigns in social media. Customise the design to your brand: choose colour, font, and effects.

In 45 seconds, you will get ready-made video ads in your ad account and be able to manage them in Facebook Ads Manager. Transfer and copy ads to other campaigns, including ones for Dynamic Ads.

Same videos can be used for YouTube ads — contact us for details.


A tool to quickly launch Facebook and Instagram ads, with flexible settings for automating and copying ad campaigns

Launch campaigns in just four steps and save time.

Quickly copy Facebook campaigns, ad sets and ads, and set up auto-splitting to automate the division of ad sets when running A/B tests.

Build automation strategies with flexible rules of any complexity, set logical conditions with operators «and» and «or», and add tags to the rules to create additional rules.

Manage your ads automatically, keep your ad bid and budget under control, and scale your campaigns.

Get statistics on custom indicators using our S2S (server-to-server) integration.

"Aitarget is a really powerful tool for optimising Facebook campaigns.

It helps us to support thousands of real-time working creatives.

We are really excited to use the Automation tool which helps us to acquire thousands of high-quality installs every day with low CPI."

Alexander Bobko , CMO at

"The most important thing, in my opinion, is time saving.

Initially, I spent it on understanding and settings, but most of it took campaigns tracking.

As a result, I no longer monitor the campaigns giving it to the mercy of automation. I just simply load new creatives and run campaigns, without any fear that they will waste money in vain.

In monetary terms, this gave an increase of 76.61%."

Kirill Khatkevich , Head of R&D at Ad4top


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A tool for massive creation of personalised video ads using your design, product catalogue, and audience splitting

Create personalised videos by different targeting settings (like language, country, demography, or interests) to increase relevance of your Facebook ads.

Update videos automatically to use the most recent statistics or promote new products.

Format videos for various platforms and placements, such as Facebook/Instagram News Feeds, Facebook/Instagram Stories, YouTube, or Snapchat.

Tailor personalised videos to your needs and corporate identity: we have no restrictions on video templates, so you get full control over the result.

"As a partner Aitarget goes far beyond just providing an interface to manage and automate your ads.

Aitarget helped us translate into action dynamic templated videos based on information from a live volatility feed.

Against a background of overall stagnation in vertical in general, dynamic videos generated greater than 200% of ROAS in the very first month."

Max Morokko , Marketing Tech Lead at


A tool to launch and automate Snapchat ad campaigns

Get access to ad automation rules that are not available directly on Snapchat.

Optimise your bid and budget and scale your business on Snapchat regardless of the number of ads.

Integrate custom metrics that are not in Snapchat Ads Manager (ROI, CPI, CPA).

Target a young audience in the US, UK, France, Brazil, and 33 more countries, saving time for moderating Snapchat campaigns.


A tool for monitoring comments to Facebook and Instagram ads

Control all comments to multiple ads within an ad account in one interface:

— look for reactions and questions to many ads,

— answer all similar comments,

— delete multiple unwanted posts in one go.

Whatever Aitarget product you choose, you can always ask for help from our team of experts who work with clients from diverse industries

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