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    Aitarget is an AI-powered SwaS (Software with a Service) that helps advertisers automate routine operations, scale Facebook&Instagram campaigns and measure and optimize LTV&ROI in real time.
    The focus of the company is to make profitable omni-channel marketing for business.

  • Tim Burd, Agency Y

    I personally use Aitarget - it has GREAT automated rules that work every 15minutes and they have a lot of options that are not in other platforms like rules based on the % of budget your ad set spends, ROAS and many other things. They have also been great to add data points to the rules if there was anything special I needed. Highly recommend!

    Camil R. Turcotte,

    Ad Technocracy

    Aitarget creates stunning results fast - with a proven track record and great success stories to support their strategies.

    We chose to work with Aitarget, because of their solution flexibility: they have more possibilities to set up rules, and they were ready to create some custom tools for us. After a month of testing, we realized we found the perfect tool that manages our automation routine tasks. It allowed us to grow our Facebook Marketing Budget up to 400K per month by October 2016, without scaling the team.

    Business applications are quite demanding to promote due to their limited and sometimes hard- to-reach audience. Facebook helps us efficiently

    optimize our campaigns using the right targeting and formats. Today for ABBYY Mobile, it’s the main user acquisition channel with the optimal LTV to

    CPI ratio.


    It is the great tool for Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns optimization. It helps to achieve your KPI the way you cannot approach via Facebook tools. Thanks to Aitarget solution, CVR went up to 10%, we see profit growth and 2X-ad cost reduction.

    Alexandra Vladovskaya,

    Estēe Lauder

    Social networks are one of the main priorities for the brands of our corporation - both in terms of reach, and building a dialogue with our target audience. We were looking for a tool that will help us evaluate the effectiveness of advertising placements and provide detailed statistics in real time. We opted for Aitarget, as it helps us evaluate the effectiveness of using the budget, saves a lot of time for generating reports and traffic automation based on our KPI.​

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    A new ad format + Aitarget’s expertise = double the success. It was a great equation and a staggering result for FBS, an international award-winning Forex broker that operates in almost 200 countries, with seven million traders and 130,000 partners. Teaming up with Aitarget, the official...
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    Aitarget enables advertisers to use all Instagram feed aspect ratios for their ads in Stories. Both images and videos in Stories may now follow regular Instagram guidelines (with a minimum ratio of 4:5 and maximum of 1.91:1), but will not prevent targeted users viewing them full screen. After...
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    L’Oréal, the global leader in the perfume and cosmetics market, has again lead the way by being one of the first in Europe to test a new advertising feature offered on Instagram: Carousel ads for Instagram Stories. The iconic company teamed with Aitarget, Zenith, and Performics for a launch in...
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    It’s not you, it’s me: Facebook wants to change On the 11th of January 2018, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced that his powerful social network would be making a major change. Zuckerberg wasn’t bluffing 🃏. Facebook is determined to make changes to improve the user experience and...
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