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How to decrease app CPI with creative testing: Joom and Aitarget Tech case study

Can creative’s color or price placement affect application cost per install? With the Aitarget Tech platform this and other hypotheses were tested for Joom — a global mobile marketplace specialising in cross-boarder e-commerce. We share the results and explain the approach of process automation.


The goal is to cut CPI

Joom — cross-platform application for shopping in Europe and Asia. The majority of users make purchases with mobile devices, so Joom’s main goal was to increase click-through rate with the help of creatives in dynamic advertising and minimize application cost per install for new users.

The key challenges for testing are creatives localization for multiple geographics when working with multi million feeds and organization of fast creatives development. Aitarget Tech helped to deal with these issues.

Aitarget Tech allows to test static creatives in dynamic advertising. You can test static elements such as unique selling proposition, call to action, promo codes, price tags and dynamic ones that are collected from product feed, for example, price values, discounts, product cards.

The placement, color and shape of every element can be tested. With Aitarget Tech branded templates are automatically applied to all SKUs in selected product sets.


What is tested


Creatives were made in Aitarget Tech platform editor. This speeded up the process without overloading designers with additional work.

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Price tag on the left lowers CPI


Manner or matter?

  • The aim was to replace the standard price tag to a custom one, using different colors, shapes and font sizes. The idea behind that is to emphasize the prices, raise click through rate and lower CPI.
  • Only one detail — the price that is hard to integrate into a design beautifully has a significant effect on creative performance results.



Here we tested flags, currencies and short advertising messages, which helped to lower install cost to 80%. Localization with flags did not work as we had expected, however, it does not mean that it does not work at all. In each particular case you should test and see for yourself.


Results: why an automated approach helps testing


Save time while making creatives and test more hypotheses like Joom – book a call with our team where we will make a short demo of the Aitarget Tech platform and select creatives testing plan based on your business goals.

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Learn more on Aitarget Tech website.

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