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Product Ratings in Dynamic Ads Increased Sales Efficiency by 19%

Feedback, reviews, unboxing videos, and tips in social networks. Customers consider all these features before making a purchase. And the more complex and expensive the product, the more time a customer spends studying the experiences of others with that product. Together with the iConText agency, the Aitarget team developed and launched a Facebook campaign with product ratings for Askona, the largest manufacturer of anatomic mattresses and sleep products. Keep reading to learn how we increased Askona’s revenue and sales by 19%.

Most buyers in the US spend 5 to 10 minutes watching reviews before buying a product — and that’s in the era of ultra-fast content consumption! US shoppers consider the total number of stars next to a product the second most important factor when evaluating a business (after review novelty).

We applied this trend together with Askona and saw a positive impact on all KPIs.


Objective and Preparation

Users tend to rely on feedback when purchasing products for healthy sleep. However, the size of a brand catalog and the constant updates of product ratings are two obstacles that stand between the user and a purchase.


Eduard Gviciani, Head of the targeted advertising group at iConText agency, explained Askona’s task:

“Initially, there was a need to improve the visual component of dynamic campaigns as the standard tools of the site could not make use of the full potential of the goods (such parameters as old/new price, discount percentage, and other customization options, including rating based on customer feedback).”


Star campaigns in detail

For our test, we pit campaigns with branded style overlays (with and without stars) against Askona’s campaigns with equal settings. In all cases, campaigns with the Catalog Sales objective were rolled out based on the same product catalog. To make the test consistent, Stories placement was disabled (the client hadn’t used this placement in previous campaigns).

As such, we only replaced creatives in the broad audience campaign and in two retargeting campaigns: one for products less than $130 and another for products over $130. A 7–14 day attribution window was set for both campaigns. Two weeks after the start date, we measured the results of the campaigns.

Here are the trends.





We spotted a significant decline in the bounce rate for all three campaigns – a 51% decrease compared to the ads without overlays. At the same time, the number of purchases increased by 19%, and there were 2.3 times more visits that resulted in a purchase. Earnings generated by ads with overlays also increased by 19% with equal promotion costs.



Head of Askona’s conversion marketing department, said about the results:
‘Thanks to the visual improvements to our ads, we were able to see an increase both in performance results and users behavior. In addition, we liked the relative simplicity of implementation, with no significant labor costs required from Askona.’


We also checked to what extent ratings made ads more engaging. We compared the CTRs of two types of ads with Askona brand overlays — one with the product rating and one without. The ad with stars showed a double CTR.


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