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Riding the Carousel for Greater Success

How FBS doubled conversions with Carousel in Instagram Stories

A new ad format + Aitarget’s expertise = double the success. It was a great equation and a staggering result for FBS, an international award-winning Forex broker that operates in almost 200 countries, with seven million traders and 130,000 partners.

Teaming up with Aitarget, FBS was one of the first businesses to take advantage of Carousel in Instagram Stories, a decision that doubled its conversions with no increase in its budget.

Instagram released Carousel in Stories in February. As a partner, we at Aitarget got early access and we were able to help our clients quickly launch highly interactive 3-in-1 ads.

The Carousel format allows businesses to make their Stories ads native and interactive. Brands can use up to three pieces of media (image or video) to tell an engaging story and capture audience attention. It’s a creative format that delivers clear business results.

Aitarget recommends taking advantage of the video capabilities of the Carousel format.

Video is the most memorable way for brands to connect with an audience; people remember 95% of a message told through video, compared to only 10% from text. Over half of video content is consumed on mobile, and vertical video on Instagram is taking the spotlight for how brands can communicate with their audience.


Case Study: FBS breaks new ground

FBS worked with Aitarget to start a brand awareness campaign with the aim of converting website traffic to registered website users with minimal CPA.

FBS customised a branded video story specifically for the Carousel in Instagram Stories format. Their Story communicated a simple message of who they are.

Evgeniya Hozhajlova, Senior Marketing Manager of FBS, says:


“Facebook is one of the biggest advertising channels for our company and it’s always a pleasure to test new features, marketing tools, and ad formats. We are also glad to cooperate with Facebook Marketing partners such as Aitarget and increase results together. Thank you everyone for a great job!”


Based on Aitarget’s experience with Instagram Stories, we’ve distilled some key points from our various clients’ successful Carousel in Stories campaigns.

  • Content must be relevant, make sure you grab the attention of the audience;
  • The video option allows advertisers to display not just one, but three 0-15 second videos – so it’s important to include multiple scenes and some mystery;
  • Instagram Stories ads that take longer to reveal the key message tend to be more successful (Facebook IQ).

Therefore, the best strategy for Carousel in Instagram Stories is to use a teaser format in the first and second stories to give off a sense of mystery and reveal the brand in the third one to complete the whole story.

The FBS campaign is a great example. Here is what their video Story looked like:


Looks good, but what about the results?

After a week, CPA dropped 28% in comparison to all placements, and 33% in comparison to conversions from Instagram Stories. Overall, the FBS campaign doubled the number of conversions from Instagram Stories, while the budget remained the same.

Ali Heder, Chief Marketing Officer of FBS, says:


“As a fintech company, we are using the latest technology and advertisement techniques for our products. Facebook and Instagram provide an excellent opportunity to utilise new strategies and helps us to achieve marketing goals with efficiency, productivity, and profit.”


It’s an option well worth considering – engaging content that delivers great results.

Along with FBS, you can learn more about the success stories of some of our other clients, L’Oreal Paris and Megafon.


Patrick Luk
April 20, 2018

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