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Strong Digital Content Strategy 2022How-tos

Strong Digital Content Strategy 2022

  The Covid-19 pandemic has rocked all spheres of life and led to a conscious awakening that has not spared
Social Media Marketing Services for Small BusinessesAitarget News

Social Media Marketing Services for Small Businesses

Social media presence is a must for any brand, and it is an integral part of small business marketing services.
Facebook Ad Specs Size & Specs: 2022 Cheat Sheet – AitagretHow-tos

Facebook Ad Specs Size & Specs: 2022 Cheat Sheet – Aitagret

  If the world is a global village, Facebook has to be its largest shopping mall. Facebook has changed from
You Spin Me Right Round, Baby, Right Round…Case Studies

You Spin Me Right Round, Baby, Right Round…

New Panoramic Videos capture user attention and boost advertiser results Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s prediction in February 2017 that video, like mobile,
MegaFon Triples Its VolumeCase Studies

MegaFon Triples Its Volume

Telco company multiplies its success with Carousel in Instagram Stories Thanks to its partnership with Aitarget, digital opportunities company MegaFon tripled
Hello BeautyInsights

Hello Beauty

Social media advertising tips for beauty brands from a private business breakfast with Facebook, Aitarget, L’Oréal, and Scentbird In late
What Is ‘Swill’ and How to Get a Handle on It?Insights

What Is ‘Swill’ and How to Get a Handle on It?

Or paths Aitarget won’t help you explore Recently here at Aitarget, we are actively enriching our vocabulary with such words as ‘swill’,
Smarter Facebook ManagementTutorials

Smarter Facebook Management

Aitarget explains how to utilise a new feature – Business Assets Groups – to join a variety of brand assets together
Mapping out a Path to SuccessCase Studies

Mapping out a Path to Success

How a navigation app doubled installs with Aitarget’s automation tool How do you stand out from the crowd and increase brand awareness
Linguistic TwistCase Studies

Linguistic Twist

A success story about promoting a mobile app for learning foreign languages ​​on Facebook and Instagram Edutainment is a trendy interactive

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