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You Spin Me Right Round, Baby, Right Round…Case Studies

You Spin Me Right Round, Baby, Right Round…

New Panoramic Videos capture user attention and boost advertiser results Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s prediction in February 2017 that video, like mobile,
Banking on a Happy CoupleInsights

Banking on a Happy Couple

How banks and fintech companies can combine Facebook Dynamic Ads with lead generation to open up new possibilities Facebook Dynamic Ads allow
Getting Personal: a Case StudyCase Studies

Getting Personal: a Case Study

How Aitarget’s innovative tools saw a trading app hyperpersonalise its videos to great effect As the great Maya Angelou once said, “If
Tunnelling Your Way to FortuneCase Studies

Tunnelling Your Way to Fortune

How Aitarget’s budget optimisation for financial broker Exness increased conversions and reduced cost per registration. Advertising on Facebook flows through a few
The Honey Test: How Tasty Are Your Facebook Ads?Insights

The Honey Test: How Tasty Are Your Facebook Ads?

Our experts have analysed Facebook advertising for trading companies and uncovered how advertising budgets can be easily blown, wasted, or
Creatives Thinking – Part 2Insights

Creatives Thinking – Part 2

The second half of our how-to guide for fintech companies to improve their online creatives and outperform the competition An
Creatives Thinking – Part 1Insights

Creatives Thinking – Part 1

Aitarget’s how-to guide for fintech companies to improve their online creatives, address weaknesses, and outperform the competition. An abridged version of
Brokering Better Ad ResultsTutorials

Brokering Better Ad Results

Aitarget’s step-by-step advertising guide for fintech companies Success in Facebook advertising is built on four pillars: 1) bid, 2) targeting, 3)
Riding the Carousel for Greater SuccessInsights

Riding the Carousel for Greater Success

How FBS doubled conversions with Carousel in Instagram Stories A new ad format + Aitarget’s expertise = double the success. It was

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