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Getting Personal: a Case Study

How Aitarget’s innovative tools saw a trading app hyperpersonalise its videos to great effect

As the great Maya Angelou once said, “If you don’t know where you’ve come from, you don’t know where you’re going”. So first, let’s dig into some history.

Back in 2016, we at Aitarget spotted two emerging trends in terms of Facebook advertising: personalisation and video. So we created a video tool that allows our clients to mass-produce video ads based on a template, that get tuned to various targeting settings.

One of the first experiences with this tool was its use for a mobile app with maps, when it showed a map of a certain country in relation to a user’s location. This basic personalisation helped our client MAPS.ME to double the number of app installs.

Soon it became clear that videos could be personalised based on product feeds as well as target audience settings. So we started making videos with automatically updated product feeds. This meant the consumer got ad impressions of goods or services that were more relevant to them, and they responded to such advertising more willingly.

This was an innovative solution in the industry, and that same year Facebook awarded our product with the Innovation Spotlight Trophy for Personalised Marketing at Scale.

The undeniable advantage of our product for advertisers is that personalised videos can be created in unlimited numbers, permanently updating the relevance of products with minimal effort. With our tool, you can create thousands of videos in the same amount of time as it would take to create a single video constructed from a ready template.


Okay, that’s the past – what about today?

Nowadays, video is becoming the most significant format in advertising, especially in mobile.

Video content is increasingly dominating our Facebook and Instagram News Feeds. At the same time, one and a half times more people watch videos on smartphones than on computers. According to Facebook’s forecasts, by 2021 more than 78% of global mobile traffic will be from videos.

In the same study, among the apparent advantages of mobile videos respondents identified ubiquitous viewing capabilities (64% of responses), personalisation (53%) and convenience compared to other devices (46%). Users like personalised videos on Facebook and they actively create, view, and share such content.

It’s not just users who see personalisation as an advantage. Brian Hale, Growth Marketing VP at Facebook, graphically demonstrated in his F8 presentation that personalised newsletters give a 40% increase in conversions. Another statistic said that the retention rate of personalised videos is on average 35% higher than a standard video.

The benefit is obvious.

But how could this tool be applied to the vertical of financial technologies, where, as Facebook claims, “creativity is a lever for a business in finance”?

Together with we came up with an elegant solution that has paid back the costs for the overall Facebook ads delivery many times over.


Case Study:

We took a challenge to launch a mock campaign for mobile app installs from 1-30 April.


Anita Koimur, Head of New Business at Aitarget:

“We love to experiment in our internal Innovation Lab, and when we came to the client with our idea, we were sure that this approach should work. But since the solution is the only one of its kind in the world, as far as we are aware, we did not know exactly what ROAS to count on. It just so happened that the result has exceeded all expectations.”


We assembled the target audience from retargeting, and expanded it with a Lookalike audience: an audience of new users with similar interests. Then we restricted the audience by age, gender, and first-tier countries to narrow it to statistically more probable traders.
Next, we collected volatility data from the current day and started showing it to the audience, updating the feed daily to automatically generate new video creatives.As a result, every single member of the target audience saw a specially tuned clip with up-to-date data of the shares that they either already traded or were potentially interested in.Thanks to this automatic hyperpersonalisation, everyday targeted users receive the ad content that most meets their prime needs.

Thus, the velocity and scale with which we displayed the latest market data in ads contributed a great deal in the campaign’s success.


Max Morokko, Marketing Tech Lead at

‘As a partner Aitarget goes far beyond just providing an interface to manage and automate your ads; nowadays all Facebook Marketing Partners do so and at the same time advanced clients build their own automations. Aitarget helped us translate into action dynamic templated videos based on information from a live volatility feed. Against a background of overall stagnation in vertical in general, dynamic videos generated greater than 200% of ROAS in the very first month.”


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