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You Spin Me Right Round, Baby, Right Round…

New Panoramic Videos capture user attention and boost advertiser results

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s prediction in February 2017 that video, like mobile, would become “a mega trend” for social media advertisers has certainly come to fruition.

Video rules nowadays: video content is viewed by more than two billion active Facebook users each month, with around one hundred million video hours consumed per day. For business, sixty per cent of social media marketers now use videos in their advertising.

There are a variety of ways you can easily use videos to boost your connection to those who could be interested in your products in services. Facebook recommends avoiding static images in ads; instead generate some movement and energy by creating slide-show clips.

That’s just the beginning. The launch of panoramic clips into Facebook News Feed turned heads and spun everything on its axis. Now users can just tilt their smartphone or click an image on their desktop and change their viewing angle on an advertisement. 360 Video immerses users in a visual experience from all angles, and gives them control.

Such user immersion and engagement offers plenty of opportunities for smart advertisers.

While it’s easy to envisage the use of 360 Video for entertainments like sports and movies, it can also be used very effectively for industries which aren’t so interactive or focused on user experience and emotions. One recent example is an Aitarget’s client in the Fintech industry.

Client Partner at Aitarget, says:


“Being familiar with the challenges facing the Fintech industry in social media advertising, here at Aitarget we note the challenge of monotonous creatives. Too many companies use stereotypical images of stock graphs and men in suits. These types of creatives don’t bring good results because they fail to grab audience attention. This needs to change. We are sure it’s possible to be innovative regardless of your industry, so we offer our fintech clients interactive tools like 360 Video. It stands out from the crowd; nobody in the fintech industry had ever used it and this format is captivating for users who see it appear in the Facebook News Feed.”


Barriers are being broken down between brands and social media users. While creative is key, businesses can now use disruptive practices in social media, such as those provided by Aitarget, to more directly and affordably connect.


“It’s time to disrupt this archaic Mad Men model, eliminating the silos between creatives, clients and consumers, and stripping away anything that doesn’t add to creative output,” Marc Pritchard, chief brand officer at Procter & Gamble, told an industry conference in March. “If 2017 was the year of the wake-up call, 2018 is the year we take back control to transform the industry through mass disruption.”


Aitarget is all about thinking outside the box and providing creative social media solutions to our clients. We helped Forex4you become one of the first brokers to successfully use 360 Video in Facebook advertising.Taking a different look: a case study of Forex4you’s success with Aitarget

Their advertising campaign aimed to expand their customer base and encourage new users to register with their app. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth?

Aitarget suggested an innovative approach to Forex4you, using 360 Video to provide a sense of user immersion to their app interface and showcasing it from a variety of angles.


Juris Leznins, Head Of Marketing at E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc.:


“We, as an open-minded broker, are always looking for opportunities to increase the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. With this particular campaign we wanted to see if 360 video ad will be more attractive compared to the simple video ad.”


Forex4you operates worldwide, but this campaign focused on Thailand.

As a demonstration of the effectiveness of 360 Video, Aitarget and Forex4you ran a A/B test campaign for a fortnight, with two types of ad sets both focused on the same broad audience of 25-50 year old male Android users in Thailand. The first ad set included a standard (non-interactive) video with app demonstration. For the second, 360 Video was utilised.



The A/B test for the first two weeks of the ad sets impression showed that panoramic video cut the cost per new user registration by 20%. Use of 360 Video not only made the company stand out in a crowded market, it significantly improved core metrics.

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