How banks and fintech companies can combine Facebook Dynamic Ads with lead generation to open up new possibilities

Facebook Dynamic Ads allow brands to automatically update information about their products that gets shown to the social media audience.

If you’re a business looking to utilise Dynamic Ads, you can use your Facebook Ad account to launch ads for travelautomotive, and real estate, or use a standard product catalogue (e.g. for retail and e-commerce) created in the format accepted by Facebook.

A Dynamic Ad is built from different data elements in the product catalogue according to a particular user’s interests and actions. For example, the ad a user is shown can be affected by the pages they visited, the goods in their cart or wishlist, and takes into account availability, prices, discounts, and other parameters.

Creating relevant ads is important for all businesses, but are Dynamic Ads the solution if your business isn’t the kind that gets added to cart, or sells a range of goods in a catalogue?