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Conquer the Realm of Social Media Ad

How Play Today grew “Guild of Heroes” globally with Aitarget

With 2.1 million apps available on Google Play and more than 1.8 in Apple App Store – and a notable portion of those being games – the likelihood of any new gaming app being randomly discovered by target users can be pretty low. So app developers and marketers need to play the game in a smart way in their quest to connect with those users who may be interested enough in what they offer to discover, download, and use their app.

Social media ads can act like magical items to grow your gaming audience and market presence. With over 600 million gamers combined, Facebook and Instagram are great pathways for gaming app developers to drive app installs and target an engaged audience.

One of the best solutions for app developers is to use Facebook’s App Install ad campaign format, which aims to connect games with audiences who are more likely to install the app.

Such ad campaigns can appear across Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network, linking directly to the app store to prompt immediate download of the advertised app.


Case Study: Guild of Heroes uncovers a treasure trove

Play Today creates games enjoyed by millions around the world, focused exclusively on mobile and social network gaming. Guild of Heroes is an action fantasy RPG.

The company wanted to increase installs of Guild of Heroes while staying ROI-positive, and partnered with Aitarget for a campaign to expand the game’s presence in selected countries.


Battle plan

Armed with Aitarget’s Tool and automated rules, Play Today was able to conquer new territories in terms of Tier-1 countries like the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany.

We set CPI at the level of $2.

Harnessing a tunnel strategy with maximal and minimal CPI was a key unlocking the path to new treasures. Our rules for this game decreased the bid if CPI was too high and upped the bid when CPI was low.

Then our team expanded to Tier-2 and Tier-3 markets.


Victor or vanquished?

When the dust had settled on our new battleground, installs had increased by 250%, with ROI better than 100% for both iOS and Android platforms, and Play Today getting back more than three dollars for every dollar spent in terms of the targeted Tier 1 countries.

Their excursion into new lands was a resounding success, thanks to the Aitarget Tool.

“Aitarget’s automations helped us to get rid of time-consuming routine actions and led us to the results we had dreamt of,” says  Play Today representative. “We always had a robust and lovely customer support from the dedicated performance team 24/7.”


Patrick Luk
May 23, 2020

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