Telco company multiplies its success with Carousel in Instagram Stories

Thanks to its partnership with Aitarget, digital opportunities company MegaFon tripled its click-through results while dramatically dropping CPC using a new video ad format Carousel in Instagram Stories.

When launched, advertisers can use this format to tell a story about their products, promotional campaigns, and services in three full screen parts, rather than a single photo or video. From late 2018, up to 10 horizontal cards can be applied for Carousels in Stories.

The Stories format in general has rapidly gained popularity, with daily users leaping from 100 million to 400 million users between October 2016 and June 2018. Engaging and immersive, it’s become the fastest-growing channel ever seen on Facebook and Instagram.

Stories gives brands and users unlimited possibilities for interaction in a playful and expressive way. Real-time unfiltered Stories can elicit heightened emotions in viewers and encourage communication. According to 2017 statistics, one in five Stories has organic reactions with direct responses from its viewers.

Businesses produce one third of the most-viewed Stories on Instagram, and the format remains profitable. Campaigns can be created for any segment of the marketing funnel: from Reach, Brand Awareness, and Video Views, to Lead Generation, Conversion, and App Installs.

Ads in Stories can consist of both static images (did you know, the Aitarget tool supportsautomatic creation of full-screen images based on any ratio images) and videos. At the same time, mobile-first videos are just as popular. Cisco estimates that nearly 80% percent of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video by 2022. According to the data from Facebook, one and a half times more people watch videos every day on smartphones compared to watching videos on computers. As for Instagram, it is estimated that 40% of Stories are videos.


Case Study: MegaFon embraces video

MegaFon launched the first-ever video Carousel in Instagram Stories with three videos in its “Two smartphones for the price of one” promotional campaign.