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Giving Special Care with La Roche-Posay

How Aitarget helped a premium skincare brand be more attuned to its customers with personalised video ads.


Social media allows businesses to cast a wide net for potential customers, but given every product is not for everyone, it’s all too easy to be inefficient with your advertising. All too easy to spend money on connecting with people who just aren’t interested in what you have to offer, to put too-generalised ads in front of potential customers and fail to connect. That issue is amplified when it comes to special products that are most useful for niche audiences.

The solution is to apply a thoughtful strategy to your advertising: if a product is not for everyone, then neither should your ads be. Think personalisation, think targeting.

Makes sense, right? But how do you do it? That’s where Aitarget’s expertise, and particularly our personalised video tool, comes in. We’ve been proven to help businesses easily and efficiently create a range of video ads targeted towards different segments of their audience.

Most people prefer social media ads tailored towards their interests and shopping habits. As our recent experience with premium skincare brand La Roche-Posay shows, taking a short time to strategise and personalise your offerings can lead to ads reach increase and the significant CPC drop.


Case Study: La Roche-Posay gets sensitive to its differing customers needs

Put simply, the cosmetics market is massive, and still growing. It’s predicted to reach $805.61 billion in revenue by 2023. But it’s a tough market: overcrowded, overflowing with choices (seven major leaders alone own 182 health and beauty brands), and customers can be indecisive – 43% of shoppers visit multiple beauty websites before making a decision.

All of this can make it even harder to stand out from the crowd.

Over the summer season, La Roche-Posay teamed with Aitarget and iProspect to launch a seasonal brand campaign about its new sunscreen product line. With different sunscreens designed for people with different skin types, one size would not fit all for social media ads.

A key consideration was that La Roche-Posay has a focus on people with delicate skin, and many of these people either don’t like to talk about their skin issues (e.g. acne), or don’t have a lot of time for searching for the right product (e.g. busy parents). However, they would be happy to come across products designed especially for them as the summer kicked in.


Digital&eCommerce&CRM manager for La Roche-Posay, L’Oréal Russie:

“La Roche-Posay cosmetics are dermatological skin care for people with different skin conditions. In our sun care range, which was promoted in the campaign, we have 20 products, answering the needs of different skin types. That is why it’s crucial for us to target our consumers accurately, and offer them the exact product suitable for their skin condition.”


The solution? Aitarget’s video tool, which allowed iProspect and La Roche-Posay to easily create many different video ads, each focused on a different niche audience within La Roche-Posay’s market, and put the right ad in front of the right people.


Head of Paid Social at iProspect:

“Personalised video content in social networks is still a novelty and challenge in 2018 because there are no ready solutions for publishers in this area, whereas the potential for using such tools is obvious. In addition to the ability to communicate more accurately and comprehensively, video also has a positive effect on buying optimisation.”


Personal care

We needed to show potential customers that they could easily find and buy the best skincare product designed for their own skin type, age, or lifestyle. The ad campaign stressed the personal care La Roche-Posay’s range offered customers, and their special approach.

iProspect Agency segmented La Roche-Posay’s target audience into 10 groups according to their skin care preferences (babies’ mothers, mothers with children from 3-12 years old, fitness enthusiasts, outdoor activity lovers, women 45+, skin care fans, etc.).

Each audience would receive customised individual videos and messages.


Head of Paid Social at iProspect:

“A personalised message allows you to maximise the potential for targeting precision in social networks and make even a simple campaign more creative with more insights. The automation of the processes of creating such content is a real necessity, not only for the beauty segment, but for any FMCG, where brands tend to focus on a large number of different audiences, consumption behaviour, and other insights. Likewise, such automation and personalisation is important for the whole of retail, wherever there is a product feed and thousands of products wanting to be promoted in the video format.”


iProspect provided Aitarget with three videos with summer themes and visuals. From there, our video tool generated more than 90 videos for the ten different audience groups, tailored to three different ad placements: Instagram Feed, Facebook Mobile, Desktop News Feed.Many of these ad sets were created automatically, and much time was saved as our tool cropped individual videos and adjusted the creative to best fit different placements.

With the help of Aitarget Video Tool, La Roche-Posay was able to deliver relevant and valuable content with short video ads that connected with each of its different audiences. All of this targeted, personalised creative content only took a couple of hours with Aitarget’s video tool.


Head of Paid Social at iProspect:

“I am glad that since the beginning of the year using Aitarget means the process of production and copying of such personalised video content has ceased to be a ‘space ship’, and we are able to offer this solution to our customers.”


Not only did our client save lots of time and management costs, in the first week the campaign lowered cost per 10 seconds video view by two thirds and decreased CPC by 25%.


Digital&eCommerce&CRM manager for La Roche-Posay, L’Oréal:
“Aitarget’s Video Tool was the proper solution for us. We showed personalised videos to people on Facebook and Instagram. As a result we managed to deliver the right messages for the right TAs.”


Now that is being sensitive to your needs!

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