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Personal Messaging

How telco provider Yota teamed with Aitarget and Media Instinct to craft personalised video ads that decreased CPM and CPC

There’s no doubt that ads based on users’ own preferences and interests deliver better conversions. The greater the growth in personalisation as a trend, the more brands want to use this digital feature. Users are far less likely to get fatigued, bored, or skip past good and personally relevant offers from their favourite stores and interest areas.

The main rule for using personalisation is that everything depends on users’ interests and actions. This doesn’t mean just using Dynamic Ads retargeting. Brands are searching for a variety of effective ways to find and communicate more personally with potential customers.

For example, telecommunications is a highly competitive industry. Providers need to contact potential customers with an individual offer and maintain some personal communication.

Earlier this year, Russian telco provider Yota and Media Instinct agency teamed with Aitarget to create a very successful personalised video ad campaign on Facebook and Instagram.


Speaking your customers language

The video ad campaign was launched to promote Yota’s feature which helps build a personal fee tariff with individual correlation of minutes for calls, Internet usage, and special options.

The main concept of Yota’s ad campaign was to let some of their customers explain in their own words why they like to use Yota as a provider. Potential clients were segmented into groups according to their interests, behaviour, and message topics.

The first group blended interests such as mobile providers, telecom, and mobile phones. Subscribers in this group spoke about common issues they faced with telco providers and how Yota had helped them to solve those issues:

  • I’m with Yota because there are no rates that are difficult to understand.
  • I’m with Yota because there is no unexpected over-paying.
  • I’m with Yota because I can choose the amount of minutes and Internet traffic I need and change settings every month.
  • I’m with Yota because I’m too busy to think about a mobile provider.
  • I’m with Yota because there are no additional conditions.

Another group focused on interests related to location and travel.

  • I’m with Yota because it works in the suburbs.
  • I’m with Yota because I can call my friends from other countries with no roaming needed.
  • I’m with Yota because I don’t return from abroad with a debt on my phone account.

Overall there were 14 interest groups. Instead of using a product feed to create the personalised video ads, we used a specially created feed with customer reviews.

The campaign concept was to tell users about Yota benefits with customer words,” explained Media Instinct’s spokesperson. “During May we collected 13,343 reviews which began with the words ‘I’m with Yota because…’ The main goal was to optimise the cost per production (because there were so many videos) and raise media metrics such as CPM and CTR. Aitarget’s tool helped us to achieve these goals and improve the quality of our communication with the audience. We are pleased with the results and will definitely continue to work with interactive creatives and personalisation.


Speaking without sound

For fast ad personalisation for each group Media Instinct and Yota used Aitarget’s Video Tool. This tool automatically generated 50 ads with animated text. Words appeared on screen as if they were typed in real-time mode. All the videos were created in vertical for full-screen Instagram News Feed and Stories, and in 1:1 size for Facebook News Feed.





The goal of this campaign, which ran from 29 May to 9 June 2019, was Video Views. After clicking on a link in the ad, users were taken to a page with other customer reviews similar to those used in the video ads. They could click through to Yota’s website to choose a rate.


Personalised videos deliver more for less

The results of the personalised video ad campaign, compared to KPI, were that CPM decreased by 7%, and CPC decreased by 30%.




A few months beforehand, Yota ran a campaign for a similar audience, without personalised videos. The new Aitarget personalised video ad campaign delivered much better results: CPM decreased by 34%, CPC by 39%, and CTR increased by 25%. At the same time, the cost per session on the Yota landing page decreased by seven times.

This campaign showed that personalisation worked efficiently for achieving Yota’s goals.

Overall, the target audience interacted with video ads, with substantial reviews on the telco provider’s advantages. After the ads template was approved, it took minimum time to create videos for different placements and required no additional production costs.


The Aitarget tool enables brands to not only save time, but also money, as all the videos are created automatically while designers were not involved,” says account manager at Aitarget. “Video is one of the key formats for Facebook ads, and personalisation helps to reach potential customers more effectively. Yota’s experience shows that campaigns with personalised messages help to achieve better results for lower cost.


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