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Hello Beauty

Social media advertising tips for beauty brands from a private business breakfast with Facebook, Aitarget, L’Oréal, and Scentbird

In late June, a private business breakfast for beauty was held by Facebook and Aitarget, with special guests of L’Oréal and Scentbird, in a Moscow jazz club.

We have collected the key insights from this event to share with you here.


If Facebook and Instagram don’t perform, change the product

Scentbird is an American service delivering perfume for subscribers. They scaled their marketing spend in the US market from $0 to $2.5 million per month and gained 20,000 subscribers in the first six months of work. Oleg Popov, Head of Growth at Scentbird, explained that such results were made possible due to Facebook ads and automation.

Popov advised businesses that to begin with they should not use a lot of marketing channels if they want to have a successful promotion:


“Your core channel will always be either Facebook or Google – in some cases, equally. If you have not mastered these fundamentals, it means you will never have a scale. In general, you may focus only on Facebook and Instagram for a long time while you are growing and make them work. If they do not perform, it is better to change the product.”



Creatives are responsible for the success

Popov noted that the more precisely a product hits an actual need of the audience, the easier it is to do marketing for it. At the same time, strong analytics and creatives focused on performance are important.There are no hard rules for creatives, but there are several formats or approaches that perform better than others. “For example, video as a whole works for us,” says Popov. “Unboxing as a separate video format works for us worse than funny videos. Generally, humour for perfume is a bold decision, because perfume is a luxury category. The charisma of the person speaking determines much more than what he says.”


Smartphone rules the future of shopping

The industry is under constant pressure from a lack of user attention and the rising influence of mobile phones. Brands should set up their purchase funnel for mobile and adapt their advertising to this kind of consumption.

This is related to the preferences of Generation Z, a huge group of сonsumers (e.g. in the USA, Generation Z forms almost 28% of the population and is the largest generation group) who watch about 68 videos on social media platforms per day.

To grab the attention of this audience, brands should use their common language in videos.


Formats narrow the distance

Collaborative Ads is Facebook’s new ads format which connects brands and retailers.

Brands want measurable online sales and retailers need quality traffic and high conversions, so Facebook has launched this partner product. Now a brand can share their product catalogue with a retailer and track sales on their website, while Pixel data about the retailer’s audience is kept private.

All in all, this solution increases sales efficiency for both partners.


Personalisation and well-executed targeting reduce conversion cost

Last year the La Roche-Posay brand teamed with Aitarget and the iProspect agency to promote sunscreen products. Kirill Nikonov, Digital and E-commerce manager at La Roche-Posay, L’Oréal Russia, recalled the results of that summer campaign.



The Aitarget Video Tool created personalised videos which tripled reach, reduced cost per 10-second video view by three times, and reduced CPC by 25%.

The audience segmentation for creating personalised messages delivered the results and helped the brand to find consumers of beauty products sold in pharmacies, inform them about the issue of sun protection, and make individual offers.


Patrick Luk
July 16, 2019

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