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Six Podcasts for Marketers

Nick Rvachev, Aitarget’s Product Director and a Member of Guild of Marketers in Russia, gives several podcast recommendations to stay up-to-date and upgrade your marketing skills

It’s hard to follow all trends, cases, and changes in digital marketing. You need to read dozens of articles every day to find interesting and useful information. However, there’s a way to keep up with everything: listen to podcasts.


Marketing over Coffee

The podcast is recorded at a coffee shop on the outskirts of Boston. It is hosted by marketing experts John Wall and Christopher Penn. They discuss old and new promotion tactics, seasonal traffic, and email marketing with their guests and answer listeners’ questions. It’s perfect to listen to the podcast on your way to work.


Marketing School With Neil Patel

It’s a podcast by Neil Patel, a co-founder of Crazy Egg and Hello Bar, the founder of KISSmetrics, and the author of the Quick Sprout and Neil Patel blogs.

Neil talks to host Eric Siu about various aspects of marketing: how to build trust with your customers, how to launch successful marketing campaigns, why it is important to test campaigns on different platforms, and what experiential marketing is.

The podcast comes out every day and discusses a new topic or idea. One episode lasts 10 minutes. So it’s easy to listen to them to keep up with all changes and quickly catch the gist of different marketing ideas.


Six Pixels of Separation

It’s a podcast by Mitch Joel, the president of the Twist Image marketing agency and the author of Six Pixels of Separation.

Episodes come out weekly. The host invites different guests to discuss digital marketing, the tricks they use or plan on using, and how the marketing sphere is going to evolve.



AdExchanger is a major media company in the marketing world. The guests invited to the podcast are global marketing leaders and experts. The podcast is hosted by executive editor Zach Rodgers.

He has insightful interviews with guests discussing the problems and trends important for marketers, advertising agencies, and the media. For example, I’d recommend listening to the episode with Martin Sorrel.


Social Media Marketing Podcast

It’s a podcast by Michael Stelzner, a social media expert. He has interviews with leading marketing and SMM experts and helps to understand how a business can leverage social media.

New episodes come out weekly. The host and his guests discuss new strategies and useful tips on boosting effectiveness on social media. For instance: how to use TikTok for marketing purposes, what impact artificial intelligence has on marketing and which tools can be used right now, how to create awesome content for Instagram Stories.



The latest strategies and solutions, the answers to popular questions – for example, how to use Attribution, how to increase ROAS, or create content – cases, and an opportunity to join the community.


Nick Rvachev
October 30, 2019

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