Or paths Aitarget won’t help you explore

Recently here at Aitarget, we are actively enriching our vocabulary with such words as ‘swill’, ‘chest’, ‘feet in a basin’, ‘black mask’ (not to be confused with Tuxedo Mask), etc.

What is it all about? It is actually about the trade offers, which broadly flowed to us because we are an FB official partner and provide a service of creating prepaid accounts that cannot be blocked.

And day after day, we are trying to explain to advertisers that their ‘mixtures’ and all kinds of ‘swill’ might be good, but we work only with ‘clean and white’ advertisement.



However, despite all the obstacles, they are still bravely rushing to the wittingly lost battle. ‘Perhaps, it’s because of the misunderstanding’ – we thought. – ‘Hence, it is necessary to tell, how it is done and what it actually is.’

There is a huge difference between our actual advertising opportunities on FB and how potential CPA advertisers perceive them.

How it looks like in the eyes of ‘swill’ advertisers:



How it actually looks:



So why are these ‘masterpieces’ not suitable for advertisement:

  • Firstly, such ads are misleading. Just imagine: these nutritional supplements or miracle creams wouldn’t have the desired effect on consumers, making them complain about such advertisements. And then it turns out that those ads contain fraudulent, false, or deceptive material. It’s not how it should be done.
  • Secondly, it is aesthetically unpleasant to see such ads. Imagine how is it to see someone’s «feet in a basin» right on your news feed where you expect to see happy and beautiful pictures of your friends and family members.
  • In addition, it is prohibited to post images of ‘before’ and ‘after’ or incredible results of a person who tried out a slimming lotion or a beauty mask.


To sum it up:

Advertising is possible but only with caution. In addition to all of the above, the advertising of permitted dietary and herbal supplements can only be targeted at users older than 18.

Aitarget is FB and IG’s marketing and technology partner, and it acts strictly in accordance with the advertising policy. We want our customers to have access to advertising on FB, all the necessary documentation, and most importantly – well automated campaigns with high marginality but not a ‘one-day living ads’. Therefore, we are doing everything possible to achieve mutual understanding and fruitful cooperation.