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Facebook Marketing Partners: How They Can Help Businesses

We are excited to announce that Aitarget have earned the Facebook Marketing Partner badge for Creative Platform, which complements the badge for Advertising Technology that we received in 2016. Facebook offers many promotional opportunities, and Facebook Marketing Partners expand them even further. Let’s find out when and why it is worth cooperating with Facebook Marketing Partners.

In short, Facebook Marketing Partners are technology companies and agencies. Facebook Marketing Partners supplement Facebook’s advertising tools and make crafting and fine-tuning campaigns easier and more efficient. The areas cover interactions between business and Facebook and vary from campaign and community management to organizing a sales system.

If you need to solve any of the following tasks, working with a partner will make it faster and more convenient:

  1. Campaign management (automation at different levels)
  2. Community and Pages management
  3. Creative solutions (everything connected with creation and improvement of visual content for advertising and social networks)
  4. Feeds for Dynamic Ads creation/adjustment
  5. Lead generation
  6. Analytics (especially for mobile apps)
  7. Management of messengers and chat rooms with clients
  8. Integration of online and offline conversion
  9. Sales through Facebook
  10. Advanced pixel management
  11. Launch of Collaborative ads (product ad format that partners retailers and brands that sell through them)


How to Сhoose a Partner

Facebook has built a directory where you can conveniently search for a partner with sought-after features. Being a Facebook Marketing Partner for Creative and Advertising Technology ourselves, we recommend considering the following when making your choice:

  • Badge

The directory includes both badged and non-badged partners (the hallmark is the blue icon).



The difference is that the technologies and expertise of badged partners have been tested for quality and reliability by Facebook.

  • Qualification

Badged partners’ profiles indicate the type of solution that they were badged for.



Here are the solutions you’ll see most frequently.


Advertising Technology

Advertising Technology was the first established certification category and marked the beginning of Facebook Partners. It still has the strongest requirements: a partner must present a successful product based on Facebook API. The key benefit of such products is that they allow them to create ever-green Facebook campaigns that constantly and automatically improve themselves.

Who to contact: Aitarget, KeplerKenshooMerkleMarin SoftwareSprinklr, and many others



Building and testing creatives are the only things that advertising platforms have not yet learned how to fully automate, unlike how it is for bidding and targeting. Facebook tools are constantly getting smarter, and they already know who to show ads to, when, and at what price – better than a marketing specialist can.

But what to show? This question is increasingly complicated, as there are now dozens of placements and formats, each requiring particular specifications. This coupled with the need to constantly change and update creatives because of burnout, leads to brands and companies lacking resources needed to keep up when creating effective creatives. This is what Facebook creative partners help to cope with: there’s a 10 times difference between the performance of an inefficient creative and that of an engaging one.

You can build on-brand and product videos in a matter of seconds, launch individually templated ads enriched with any data, and set up personalization that appeals to your audience’s interests/behavior (or even implement third-party data like weather or pollution). Some creative partners collaborate with bloggers to set up measurable conversion promotions.

Who to contact: Aitarget, CanvaCaptiv8ChuteInfluential, InsenseLoomlyMagistoSprinklrRipl, and others


What’s the result of collaborating with a Partner?

It all depends on the category and service capabilities of the company. For example, our creative platform takes up smart crafting, producing ready-to-launch creatives for all kinds of placements and formats at each funnel stage, from brand awareness to conversion.

It is good at:

  • Making videos based on any source data, including product feeds and corporate identity. This makes it so you don’t have to attract developers or designers.
  • Creating personalized videos for your audience depending on their interests/life events/product use conditions, even if it is the weather, geography, or any other 3rd-party data. This allows you to treat your customers individually.
  • Building brand and product videos in just 45 seconds in branded templates enriched with additional data (prices and special offers, ratings, and reviews from the website). This lets users select products while still watching the ad.
  • Making feed-based creatives better, supplementing them with all kinds of data. This allows you to highlight the best angles of your products.
  • Automatically testing and selecting the most conversion-packed creatives and targeting to achieve business results quicker.

Here are some examples of how we can extend the default Facebook functionality available to everyone.

Philips was able to explain why a climate complex is necessary for every home by demonstrating the real level of pollution in every city



Philips’ air purifier sales grew 6.6 times. The premium model became a bestseller in the brand’s online store. In comparison with the average value, Cost per ThruPlay decreased by 52%, CPC by 15%, while the View-through rate increased by one point. Polluted cities with a low BAQI value had the lowest CPC.

Askona, Russia’s largest anatomic mattress and sleep product manufacturer, added product reviews to its Facebook dynamic ads.



The number of purchases increased by 19%, and the percentage of visits that resulted in a purchase increased by 2.3 timesIncome generated by ads with overlays increased by 19% with equal promotion costs.


Summary of Facebook Marketing Partners for Advertisers

  1. Facebook Marketing Partners are technology companies and agencies.
  2. Partners are necessary for those who want to extend the built-in functionality of Facebook, get more convenient access to support, and use higher-level advertising.
  3. While choosing a partner, you should be focused on business tasks and goals.
  4. To understand the status of a partner, pay attention to what they have been badged for.

Today, about 12.5 million ads crafted through our platform are displayed on social media every second. Yours could be among them, so contact us at or request a demo and we will discuss tailoring our solutions for your tasks today.


Julia Beketova
September 18, 2020

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