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Facebook has made an in-built CRM for leads

You can edit and group contacts and re-interact with people directly on Facebook

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A new tab Leads Centre has appeared in the settings bar of Business Pages. It automatically collects leads from all the active Lead Ads. You can also add leads from other sources through Excel spreadsheets or manually one by one.



The Lead Center features the functionality that can replace some CRM systems. You can:

– Assign categories to contacts, group contacts and move them through the stages of the funnel.




– Add notes or additional data from other sources to the lead.

– Assign a manager to each contact.

– Set up reminders to contact the lead.



– Filter leads by date, manager, or category.



– The most convenient feature is that you can create Custom audiences and Lookalike-audiences by categories and funnel stages in the Lead Centre.



– And send emails directly from the Leads Centre.



As a result, you no longer need to download leads and upload them again if you want, for example, to create a custom audience. You can easily store and manage all that you use directly on Facebook.

For now, the tool is available only on desktop for business accounts that have active campaigns with the objective of Lead Generation. If the tool has not appeared on your page yet, you still can download leads through the Publishing Tools.


Julia Beketova
June 8, 2020

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