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How Do I Сreate Ads for Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories placement is available for all ad campaign objectives except for Page Likes, Post Engagement, and Product Catalogue, when you create ads either with Aitarget Tool or with Ads Manager.

Here is the guide on creating ads for Stories for Aitarget Tool users.

1. Go to Aitarget Tool and open your ad account.

2. Click the green button “Create Campaign”:



3. Choose your objective.



4. Finalise steps 1–2 (Main and Budget) as shown below.



5. In Step 3, set your target audience and Instagram Stories as a placement.



6. Upload your creatives (or choose them from the media library).


  • Videos and images for ads in Instagram Stories must be 9:16 or taller, but it is acceptable to use images with an aspect ratio in the range from 1.91:1 to 1:1. The minimum resolution is 600×600 pixels. If your image aspect ratio is less than 9:16, the empty area will automatically be filled in with the background to match the image, created by artificial intelligence.
  • The video aspect ratio for Instagram Stories varies from 9:16 to 4:5, the minimum video width is 500 pixels.
  • Video ads in Stories cannot be longer than 15 seconds. However, you can show the user an ad of up to 60 seconds in total length if they choose the Keep watching option in Instagram stories. The maximum video size is 4 GB.
  • You can use Carousel in Instagram Stories. The maximum number of videos or photos in Carousel is 10.



7. Сlick the “Create an Ad” button, and if your creative is approved you’ll see this notification window:



Click Continue.

8. To watch the preview, you have to switch the dashboard to ads and click the preview button:



You’ll see the preview of your Instagram Stories ad:




  • In Instagram Stories ads with 9:16 resolution, only the Instagram account name and profile photo are displayed. For such ads you cannot set all other fields, including text, title, signature, etc, but you can specify a call to action and link.
  • If you use images with lower resolution, the text and links will be displayed automatically in the lower half of the ad.
  • Tapping on an Instagram Stories ad will open the next story.
  • Posts moderation is not available in Instagram Stories. There are no likes or comments.

Discover more about how businesses can use Instagram Stories Ads.


Patrick Luk
April 4, 2019

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