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Social Spikes, CPM Plummets. Yet Your Ad Spend May Go to Waste

Advertising is vital to keeping any business afloat during uneasy times such as these. And with the increased online usage during self-isolation and many platforms reporting lower CPMs, it has become more attainable.

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However, the effect your ads have on business outcomes relies heavily on what happens outside the advertising process. Even a flawless ad campaign cannot result in a sales lift if users have a negative impression or experience after the click.

While your business needs to be flexible to adapt to rapidly changing conditions, some problems cannot be avoided. So don’t forget to inform your customers about changes in your business operations. Letting them know exactly what to expect after placing an order will not only greatly improve their experience but also have a positive effect on your business.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a retailer struggling to adjust after suddenly being transformed into an online service, an e-commerce platform dealing with delivery delays, or even if you’re a business that has been unaffected by the current conditions. The best you can do for your customers is to inform them.

Here is a collection of notifications from brands that have reported about their working conditions. Have a look and see if you can’t follow their lead.







E-mail notifications



Website home page





App notifications



Keep in touch with your customers. Create a positive experience and your ROAS won’t disappoint. 


Natalia Mkrtchyan
April 7, 2020

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